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An inspiring Y&G story from the 66th Model Legislature & Court.

I’d like to tell you a story. I am at our final YMCA Youth & Government conference in Sacramento. It’s a high school program that allows students to take over the capital for 5 days and write/propose/debate/pass legislation, budgets, and constitutional amendments amongst other things. They dress in business formal every minute of every day… Read more »

Getting Ready for MLC

With just slightly more than a week left until my last Sacramento, I am constantly overwhelmed by a mix of emotions: Excitement for what will surely be the best conference yet, sadness as I prepare for my last Youth & Government meeting as a delegate and a strange feeling I can most clearly describe as… Read more »

Getting ready for MLC

The week before a conference is always an emotional whirlwind of anticipation, anxiety, and pure, unadulterated excitement. There are only about five people at my school who do Y&G, so there’s not many people to share my enthusiasm with. Every minute I spend in class instead of session crawls by painfully slowly. Eating in the… Read more »

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