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2018-2019 Y&G Marketing Piece

This piece is a four page booklet that is filled with information about Y&G’s various programs. It also has room on the last page for delegation’s to put their contact information.


71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #15 December 10th, 2018
T&E II Elected & Appointed Leadership Positions, Bill Supplement Packets Deadline - This Week!, Program Area Role Assignment Deadline, Assigning Roles to Elected Leadership, Appointed Program Areas, T&E II - NIC Callout for Activity Leaders, T&E II - Bench Trial Callout for Attorneys, T&E II - Legislative Houses Callout for Committee Advisors, Caucus Leadership Applications, Forum Speakers at T&E II, NIC Proposals, Sac Rack, T&E II Hotel Locator Form

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #14 December 3rd, 2018
Program Area Swap Process, Final Bill Language Deadline, T&E II Elected & Appointed Leadership Positions, Appointed Program Areas, New Conference Check-In Time For T&E II, VIP Day Invitations, Delegation of Distinction, National Judicial Competition Application, YMCA175, 71st T&E II/MLC Late Registration Deadline, T&E II Bussing

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #13 November 26th, 2018
71st MLC Registration Deadline

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #12  November 19th, 2018
Happy Holidays From Y&G!

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #11  November 14th, 2018
T&E I Recap, T&E I Appointed Leadership Positions, Delegation Contact List, T&E II/MLC Sacramento Registration, T&E II/MLC Sacramento Individual Scholarships and Delegation Grant Applications, Party Swap Process, Updated Distribution Formula, I&A Application Deadline Extended, Program Area Swap Process, Bill Supplement Packet, Future Leaders Campagin

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #10 November 5th, 2018
71st MLC Training & Elections I, Confernce Check-in Procedures, Appointed Leadership Application Extension, Draft Bill Deadline, T&E I Advisor Duties, T&E I Advisor Sessions & Spaces, Positive Nomination form, I&A Party Assignments, Appointed Leadership Interviews, Lost & Found, T&E II/MLC Registration, 71st MLC Housing Form, NJC Applications, MUN Secretariat Applications, CONA Applications, Youth Board Member Applications

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #9  October 29th, 2018
T&E I Payment Deadline, T&E I Conference Schedule, T&E I Conference Guide, T&E I Advisor Duties, T&E I Advisor Handout, T&E I Candidates Meetings, T&E I Check-in Procedure, Gender-Neutral Restrooms, Social Initiative, New Conference Rules, T&E II/MLC Registration

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #8 October 22nd, 2018
72nd Youth Governor Webinar, Media Appointed Leadership Application Deadline Extended, Legislative Committee Chair Application Deadline Extended, T&E I Housing, Delegate Mentorship Program, Authorization & Advisor Verification Forms, T&E I Payment Deadline, T&E I Risk Management Prep, Elected & Appointed Leadership Candidtes, Draft Bill Deadline, Updated Bill Supplement Form & hecklist, T&E II/MLC Individual Scholarships & Delegation Grant Applications

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #7 October 15th, 2018
One-Day Advisor Trainings Recap, 71st Youth Governor's Platform, T&E I Elected & Appointed Leadership, T& I Advisor Handout

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #6 October 8th, 2018
Delegation Grant & Individual Scholarships, Authorization & Advisor Vertification Forms, Delegation Participation Agreement and Proof of Insurance Past Due, 71st MLC Registration Closed, PIC Submission Closed, T&E I Leadership Application Deadline, 72nd Youth Governor's Webinar, New Draft Bill Submission Process, Translated Program Forms, T&E I Housing, T&E I Social Iniative, Voter Registration

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #5 October 1st, 2018
Fresno Security Update, 71st Model Legislature & Court Registration Deadline, Political Ideology Compass (PIC) 2.0 Final Deadline, 72nd Youth Governor Info, Forms Due This Week, Delegation Participation Agreement and Proof of Insurance Dealine, New Draft Bill Submission Process - Details Coming Soon, Bill Development Webinar #1, California State Board of Education Opportunity for Junior Delegates, Civic Learning Awards

71st MLC Delegatin Bulletin #4  September 24th, 2018
Political Ideology Compass (PIC) Survey 2.0 Submission Deadline, Bill Development, Bill Development Webinar, T&E I Transportation Form, T&E I Delegation Meeting Space, T&E I Concessionaire’s Permit Request, MLC Delegates Registered for CJC, MUN Alumni Pilot Program

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #3 September 17th, 2018
Political Ideology Compass (PIC) Survey 2.0 Early Deadline, T&E I Delegation Grant & Individual Scholarship Application Deadline, 71st MLC One-Day Advisor Training Registration Deadline, 71st MLC T&E I Elected and Appointed Leadership Applications, 72nd Youth Governor Info, 71st MLC Elected & Appointed Leadership Updates, Bill Development, Bill Timeline, Bill Development Webinars, MUN Alumni Pilot Program, 71st MLC Program Area Overview, Delegation Presidents Survey and Opportunity For Delegates To Engage Schools

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #2 September 10th, 2018
California Judicial Competition Registration Deadline, 2018 Advisor & Volunteer Training Recap, 71st MLC T&E I Leadership Applications & Descriptions, 71st MLC Election Changes, 72nd MLC Youth Governor Info, Issues & Activism Deputy Chief of Staff Application

71st MLC Delegation Bulletin #1 September 4th, 2018
Welcome to the 71st MLC, 2018 Advisor & Volunteer Training, 71st MLC Registration Now Open, 72nd MLC Registration Roundtable at AVT, Political Ideology Compass, 71st MLC One-Day Advisor Training Registration Now Open in Reggo, California Judicial Competition, 2018-19 Program Forms Now in Spanish, Updated Dress Code Supplement, 71st MLC Forum Changes, 71st MLC Election Changes

71st MLC Summer Delegation Bulletin #4 August 14th, 2018
2018 AVT Hotel Reservations, 71st MLC Delegation Calendar, 71st MLC T&E I Registration, 71st MLC Delegation of Distinction, 71st MLC Election Changes, 71st MLC Forum Changes, I&A Frameworks for Civic Engagement, Y&G Core Staff New Hires, 71st MLC Intern Application

71st MLC Summer Delegation Bulletin #3 August 1st, 2018
Updated Program Forms, Delegation Grant & Individual Scholarship Applications, Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid Training Available at AVT, Delegation Events, Lead Advisor Text Group, Political Identity Compass Survey (PIC) 2.0, One Day Advisor Trainings, Y&G Documentary

71st MLC Summer Delegation Bulletin #2 July 17th, 2018
2018 Letter from the CEO and Dates & Fees, Advisor & Volunteer Training, AVT Hotel Reservation Deadline, Core Staff Changes, Y&G Is Hiring!, 71st MLC Intent to Participate, Updates to Authorization Form and Code of Conduct, T&E I Date Alert

71st MLC Summer Delegation Bulletin #1 June 11th, 2018
71st MLC Bulletins, 71st MLC Training & Elections I Date, Advisor & Volunteer Training, 71st MLC Intent to Participate, Updates to Authorization Form & Code of Conduct, Letter from the CEO and Dates & Fees, California Judicial Competition Update, Issues & Activism Frameworks, Core Staff Update

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