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Bulletin #10 (2016-11-30): 

Bulletin #9 (2016-11-17): T&E I Survey, T&E I Reimbursement Requests, 69th T&E II/MLC Registration, Transportation to T&E II, Transportation to MLC, T&E II Facility Requests, T&E II Supply Requests

Bulletin #8 (2016-11-02): T&E I Webinar, Schedule, Help Desk, Next Year, Social Initiative

Bulletin #7 (2016-10-27): T&E I Roster, Housing, Meals, Webinar, Leadership Interviews, Announcements to Lead Advisors, Social Initiative, Fingerprinting and Child Abuse Preention (CAP) Training, 

Bulletin #6 (2016-10-12): 69th MLC Assistant Directors, Program Area Video Scripts, T&E I Roster, Housing, Interns, Supplies, Transportation, Schedule, Leadership, Social Initiative

Bulletin #5 (2016-10-5): T&E I Registration, Sweatshirt Saturday

Bulletin #4 (2016-09-28): AVT Re-Cap, Survey, Reimbursements; T&E I Registration, One-Day Training Registration; Intern Request Form, CAP Training Update, Program Area Operations Manual Update, 

Bulletin #3 (2016-09-14): MLC AVT Schedule, Housing, Transportation/Parking, MLC Volunteer Staff Facebook Page

Bulletin #2 (2016-08-26): MLC AVT Roster, Housing, Printing Requests

Bulletin #1 (2016-08-10): MLC Advisor/Volunteer Training, 69th MLC Calendars, New Staff Recruitment 

Summer Bulletin #2: MLC Advisor/Volunteer Training, New Core Staff, Check-In With Lead Staff, New Office Location

Summer Bulletin #1: 69th MLC Conference Dates, Search for Senior Program Director, 69th MLC Calendars, Volunteer Recruitment, Program Descriptions & Officer Information Updates, Youth Governor Inaugural Ball


The Y&G Intern Program is open to recent high school graduates who have a desire to give back to the statewide program in meaningful and productive roles.  Young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 are encouraged to apply for opportunities within the Model Legislature & Court and Model United Nations Programs.  They will act as committee advisors, program area assistants, and managers within the Intern program itself.

Interns participate in training sessions regarding youth mentorship, presentation skills, professional development (including resume and cover letter workshops), and more. When Interns are not serving the program or polishing their leadership abilities, they’re having fun!  In fact, the Intern Program is a great platform for young adults entering the academic and professional world to foster long-lasting friendships with others around the state and beyond.

Please join our mailing list for more information.  Ready to join our program?  Please fill out our Applicant Informational Form


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  • Intern Informational Form


    Committee Advisor – accepting applications

    Must have a minimum of one year experience as a delegate with Youth & Government.  The Committee Advisors will be placed with a group of Forum delegates to help develop a bill/proposal that will go through the Forum legislative process. They will be responsible for coordinating their delegate’s responsibilities and roles.  Click here for full job description and instructions on how to apply. 

    Program Assistant – accepting applications

    Must have one year experience as a Committee Advisor with the Intern Program.  The Program Assistants will be placed with the Youth & Government Program Staff to help run and support specific program areas. 20 Positions available, applications due September 25th. Click here for full job description and instructions on how to apply. 

    Intern Manager – 

    The Intern Managers will work with the Intern Staff to improve and build upon the current structure of the Intern Program. As an Intern Manager, you will use your previous two years of experience and personal strengths as a foundation for managing the operations of the Committee Advisors and Program Assistants. 4 Positions available.  Click here for full job description and instructions on how to apply. 

    The Intern program will accept applications until all positions are filled.

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