Professional Staff

The California YMCA Youth & Government program is overseen by a small group of professional staff. They are the primary contacts for program-related questions.

Rolf Davidson, Executive Director
(916) 287-9622 ext. 102
Rolf supervises all program operations for California YMCA Youth & Government. After a six-year stint in the Navy, Rolf began his YMCA career in his hometown of Sacramento where he spent 5 years working for the YMCA of Superior California. His work as the lead advisor of Sacramento’s delegation brought him to the attention of the Y&G statewide staff. A former ML/C delegate, Rolf joined the core staff in 2004.
Troy Nichols, Program Director
(916) 287-9622 ext. 103
Troy is the Director responsible for California YMCA Youth & Government’s new program development and for the promotion and operation of the Model United Nations. Troy has been working with youth and children in a variety of different capacities for over 10 years. His experience extends from being a summer camp director, after-school program director, youth pastor, school-age teacher, and director of operations for a company that specializes in children’s events during corporate conferences and conventions.
Morgan Bauer, Program Director
(916) 287-9622 ext. 104
Morgan works closely with the Model Legislature & Court program. She joined the Youth & Government team by way of the YMCA of Superior California. Morgan’s professional background includes administrative work in university housing and with non-profit summer camps. While at the YMCA of Superior California her love for the YMCA grew while serving as a Camp Director, Model Legislature & Court liaison, and Yoga Teacher.
Scott Causley, Program Administration
(916) 287-9622 ext. 101
Scott’s primary responsibilities for California YMCA Youth & Government are the registration for all program conferences and for developing the organization’s social media presence. Scott has worked and volunteered with the YMCA for 20 years in a variety of capacities. Scott has served as a YMCA Summer Camp Director, Safety Coordinator, Lifeguard, Childcare Director, Front Desk Staff member, Youth & Family Director, and as a Senior Program Director.

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