Professional Staff

The California YMCA Youth & Government program is overseen by a small group of professional staff. They are the primary contacts for program-related questions.

Debbie Gabelich, President/CEO
(916) 287-9622 ext. 105
Debbie comes to the organization with more than 20 years of nonprofit/community relations managerial experience. She and her family have lived in the greater Sacramento area since 1992. In that time, Debbie has had the opportunity to work with many statewide companies through her previous positions with Make-A-Wish, Hope Productions and the Sacramento Kings.
Rolf Davidson, Chief Operating Officer
(916) 287-9622 ext. 102
Rolf supervises all program operations for California YMCA Youth & Government. After a six-year stint in the Navy, Rolf began his YMCA career in his hometown of Sacramento where he spent 5 years working for the YMCA of Superior California. His work as the lead advisor of Sacramento’s delegation brought him to the attention of the Y&G statewide staff. A former MLC delegate, Rolf joined core staff in 2004.
Morgan Bauer, Director of Conferences and Events
(916) 287-9622 ext. 104
Morgan works closely with the Model Legislature & Court program. She joined the Youth & Government team by way of the YMCA of Superior California. Morgan’s professional background includes administrative work in university housing and with non-profit summer camps. While at the YMCA of Superior California her love for the YMCA grew while serving as a Camp Director, MLC liaison, and Yoga Teacher.
Jennifer Prouhet, Director of Marketing and Business Development 
(916) 287-9622 ext. 103
Jennifer comes to Y&G with over 18 years experience in marketing, business development and community networking. In previous positions, Jennifer had the opportunity to work with over 200 retailers while also developing brand awareness programs, strategic partnerships and business alliances with organizations such as                                            Sutter Health, Mercedes-Benz and MAC Cosmetics.
Linda Burns, Fund Development Administrator
(916) 287-9622 ext. 107
Linda joined California YMCA in 2014. Her primary responsibilities are the administration of the Annual Support Campaign and providing support to our donors. Linda joins us from the Sierra Sands Unified School District. Prior to her employment at California YMCA, Linda was a volunteer on our conference administration team where she developed a reputation for professionalism and delicious baked goods.
Jena Baughman, Program Administrator
(916) 287-9622 ext. 109
Jena is comes to California YMCA Youth & Government with over 10 years of experience working in nonprofit finance. She has worked for Make-A-Wish Foundation and Hope Productions Foundation. Jena handles all of Y&G’s invoices, day-to-day office management, and provides administrative support for all of our programs.
Regan Smurthwaite, Program Support Coordinator
(916) 287-9622
Regan has been involved with Youth & Government’s programs since she was a delegate in the Model Legislature and Court program. In college she started volunteering with MLC as an intern and MUN as program staff with the Forum on NGOs. Regan provides administrative support and conducts risk management for Youth & Government’s volunteers.
Summer Pettek, Communication & Outreach Specialist
(916) 287-9622
Summer comes to California YMCA Youth & Government with a passion for building and maintaining long term relationships through clear and consistent communication. She graduated from California State University, Sacramento, in 2013 and has since gained multifaceted experience within communications, administrative and marketing.

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